Fatality Records

Album: Fatality Records (2013)

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Song: Strike Each Other - Cold World (feat. Nikk from Overpain)

Bitrate: 128kbps

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F001 Broken Fist - Prophecy
F002 Heaven.Erased / Stronghold split cd
F003 Face Your Enemy - Steal The Crown
F004 Try Ones Luck - Attitude
F005 Bona Fides - Bona Mens
F006 Villainz United - Kryptonite
F007 Wild By Heart s/t
F008 Changes - In My City
F009 Strike Each Other - Keep The Things You Need
F010 My Victory - New Jerk
F011 Invisible Border - 100 Days Without The Reasons For War
F012 Broken Fist - Your Sentence
F013 Redount / Wild By Heart / Eden Demise split cd
F014 Partybreaker - Hatred & Disbelief
F015 Reasons s/t
F016 First Fight - Devastation
F017 Bona Fides - Hold The Line!
F018 Overpain - Underrated - Overhated
F019 Changes - Changes - Together with blood on veins
F020 Last Hope - More Than Ever
F021 Overkill For Profit - The Illusion Of Freedom
F022 Strike Each Other - As A Response To Oppression

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